Ugly Betty
Ugly Betty Genre Comedy-Drama Created by Fernando Gaitán Developed by Silvio Horta Starring America Ferrera Eric Mabius Alan Dale Tony Plana Ana Ortiz Ashley Jensen Becki Newton Mark Indelicato Rebecca Romijn Vanessa Williams Michael Urie Theme music composer Jeff Beal Country of origin United States Language(s) English No. of seasons 2 No. of episodes 23 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Salma Hayek, Silvio Horta, Ben Silverman Location New York City, New York, USA ("Pilot") Los Angeles, California, USA (rest of the series) Running time 60 min (approx. 42 min without commercials) Broadcast Original channel ABC Picture format 480i (SDTV), 720p (HDTV) Original run September 28, 2006 – Present Chronology Related shows Remake of Betty la Fea External links Official website IMDb profile TV.com summary Ugly Betty is a Golden Globe- and Peabody Award-winning American television dramedy series starring America Ferrera, Vanessa Williams, and Eric Mabius, focussing on the life of a character named Betty, who is a good person, although not physically attractive. It premiered on September 28, 2006, on ABC in the United States. The series follows the life of Betty Suarez (Ferrera), and her job at popular fashion magazine Mode. The series is based on the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea ("I am Betty, the ugly one"),[1] also simply known as "Betty la fea" ("Ugly Betty") written by Fernando Gaitán (also author of Café, con aroma de mujer). It is adapted into a New York City setting by creator/developer Silvio Horta and co-producers Salma Hayek and Ben Silverman, whose production companies Silent H, Ventanarosa and Reveille respectively partnered with ABC Studios (formerly Touchstone Television) to create the hour-long program for American audiences. Hayek appears on the show as Sofia Reyes, in addition to playing a cameo role as an actress on a fictional telenovela watched by the main character's family in early episodes. Of all the adaptations of Betty La Fea, the original Colombian telenovela, Ugly Betty is probably the most different, but it remains true to the original in spirit. It is similar to another ABC dramedy series, Desperate Housewives, in that it combines elements of drama, comedy, mystery, farce, camp, soap opera, and satire, though in a lighter way. The show is filmed like a traditional network drama (with motion picture film), rather than the videotape production of the original series. Ugly betty has been renewed for a second season. Contents [hide] 1 Season One 2 Cast 2.1 Core regulars 2.2 Recurring 3 Production timeline 4 Broadcasts outside the United States 5 Competition with other "Betty" offshoots 6 DVD Releases 6.1 Region 1 7 Ratings 7.1 Seasonal 7.2 Weekly 8 In popular culture 8.1 Television parodies and referrences 8.2 Its success overseas 8.3 Its impact on real-life 9 Reviews 10 See also 11 References 12 External links [edit] Season One Ugly Betty follows the daily life of Betty Suarez America Ferrera, a promising college graduate from a struggling Latino family in Queens New York. She was promptly rejected at a "job interview" at Meade Publications in Manhattan based solely on her appearance (thus the series' title). However, company CEO Bradford Meade spots her and has her hired as an executive assistant to his son Daniel Meade, the newly-installed Editor-in-chief at MODE magazine. Primarily because Bradford did not wish for Daniel to continue bedding his assistants, this after catching him having sex in his office with a potential applicant. Betty is not very interested in fashion and is sometimes clueless about the company's motives and organizations, although she has expressed a passion for photography. Betty finds herself helping Daniel personally and professionally. Daniel at times has been labeled a "himbo" and a "man whore" (the latter quoted from the fictional Fashion TV). Daniel has always been outshone by his brother Alex. He has no confidence in his own abilities except as a Lothario. He is not experienced in the fashion industry and was placed as the Editor-in-chief of MODE solely based on his namesake. However, as the story progresses so does Daniel's potential. Much of the earlier plot involved the suspicion surrounding the death of Daniel's predecessor, Fey Sommers. Fey's death and her involvement with Bradford Meade was used as the backdrop for a scheme to take over the company by Wilhelmina Slater, a former model, currently serving as MODE's Creative Director, and a hospital patient swathed in bandages who in the later episodes would be revealed as Daniel's brother Alex, post-gender reassignment. Alex staged his death as he feared his family would not accept his decision to undergo the surgery to become female. Now, Alexis also pursued revenge on her father by helping Wilhelmina frame him for Fey's murder. However, Claire Meade, the family matriarch, confessed to Betty that she was the true culprit as she would no longer stand to see her husband's infidelity. Claire would eventually turn herself in to the authorities in order to release her husband from jail, this after Betty talked her out of leaving the country. In order to improve the relationship between the eldest Meade child and her brother and father, while being detoxed at a hospital as she prepares to face murder charges Claire names newly terminated Alexis as the magazine's Co-Editor-in-chief. It is revealed that Claire is MODE's actual owner after Bradford started the magazine under her name to evade paying taxes on it. These circumstances give Wilhelmina a new scheme to drive a deeper wedge into the family by intensifying the Meade sibling rivalry (especially Alexis, who turned on Wilhelmina after sensing that Daniel had changed after all and decided against firing him), and manipulating Claire into signing a Power of Attorney (Claire refused). As a result of this, Wilhelmina decides to romance Bradford by offering him "...a little company", not knowing that she is using him by manipulating Bradford to divorce Claire, then marry him so she can takeover Meade Publications. The scheme has made Claire furious, prompting her to team up with a fellow inmate named Yoga to make a prison break so she can stop the planned November wedding. Along the way, Daniel would tone down his womanizing ways, but at a price. First, starting with Sofia Reyes, who was hired by his father to launch a new magazine, Modern Young Woman (MYW). Sofia would later entice Betty (who was a fan of hers) into working with her. Unfortunately, just as Daniel proposes to her, Betty discovers that Sofia was fooling them both; using Daniel as the subject of a cover story in order to launch the new magazine. The chain of events would result Betty quitting MYW because of Sofia's deception. Daniel would later date lawyer Grace Chin, an old flame he once stood up back in college, after Bradford recommend that she represent him. But thanks to Wilhelmina's scheming and Alexis' hatred for her father, that romance ended quickly as well. After a deceptive scheme by Lena and Petra, a mother/daughter team who tricked him into believing that Petra was a teenager and would almost lose his job, only to be foiled by Betty after learning that Petra was a adult, Betty told Daniel that he might be a sex addict due to his family problems and recommended that he seek help. Unfortunately, after taking the advice of a doctor who was also a former sex addict, Daniel starts taking a bottle of pills that has lead him to start a drug addiction and in the process is beaten up by a drug dealer and eventually overdosing. Wilhelmina, in-between her conspiring also tries winning her father's approval (a United States Senator), disciplining her rebellious daughter Nico (who, despite not acknowledging it, shares her mother's traits) and relationship with retail mogul Ted LeBeau disintegrating due to issues with his family. In addition, she has a ongoing rivalry with Italian cosmetics/fashion mogul Fabia, which included sabotaging a ad campaign, using "duck sauce", and making a trade for a wedding date. Her former ally, Alexis, post-surgery, has been ostracized and abandoned by her friends. Due to her transgender status she was the target of a bet between male patrons at a bar (Wilhelmina punched the winner out). She also had issues with her brother Daniel that has seen a series of ups and downs in the wake of learning that her mother was Fey's murderer as well as sibling rivalry between each other. Her relationship with her father has also taken a toll, prompting her to hire a hit man to cut the brakes on Bradford's car after he paid a creative director from MODE's Brazilian counterpart, Rodrigo Veloso, to romance Alexis (an idea setup by Wilhelmina). Unfortunately, she would end up taking the car after learning of Daniel's drug overdose and in the process tried to drive him to a hospital, resulting in the two crashing into a tree, both unconscious. Some of Betty's co-workers, particularly receptionist Amanda Tanen and fellow assistant Marc St. James, often ridicule her appearance and taunt her. They easily trick Betty due to her naïveté and trusting nature (she ate glue sticks after being led to believe by Marc that she was eating white chocolate, and showed up to work in a butterfly outfit for Halloween party that was fabricated by the assistant). Despite their dislike for Betty, the two are willing to work with her at times. Their personal issues have been addressed, such as Marc multi-tasking for Wilhelmina, mostly in plotting against Daniel, taking advantage of her takeover plans, taking side jobs by tipping off retailers, and coming out to his mother (who would reject him). Wilhelmina even forces him to test his close relationship with Amanda, leading him to trying to keep the receptionist on board at MODE. On the other hand, Amanda was one of Daniel's many paramours, until she realized that he would never commit. In addition to her binge eating she attempted to replace Betty and would find herself the target of a series of pranks made by another Meade employee after she received a Hobble Dress that she thought came from a designer. She also had a relationship with a straight designer named Tavares, who was pretending to be gay so he can get his designs noticed, but would end the relationship after he took advantage of her generosity. Prior to working at MODE, Amanda was an actress (one of her former roles was working as a "Serving Wench" at a restaurant), but when the offers dried up her father got her a "Lifetime Receptionist" job. Amanda would later find out why she got her job after she stumbled upon Fey's secret "Love Dungeon", where she would learn that Fey kept pictures of her as a child and a birth certificate that revealed Fey as Amanda's mother. Betty did briefly befriend a group of similar outcasts. Her best friend and confidant at MODE is Christina McKinney, the Scottish seamstress. Christina's goal is to be a fashion designer. But in pursuing her goal, she finds herself becoming an unwilling minion of Wilhelmina's when she is coerced (by winning a spot at Fashion Week) into turning a package to the police that results in Bradford's false arrest. Fearing that Wilhelmina will manipulate it to look as if she was responsible, Christina goes along with her bidding to protect her friendship with Betty whom upon discovery she fears will turn on her, which eventually did happen after she invited her to a club. However the two would make up and Christina offered to give Betty any info on Wilhelmina's schemes. Christina would also find herself getting locked up with Amanda after learning that Amanda found the "Love Dungeon", where after two end up intoxicated, told Amanda that she was married to a insurance auditor back in Scotland and that she walked out on him. Christina would be the one who opened the safe that contained Amanda's birth certificate and photos. At the Suarez home, Betty's father, Ignacio, an illegal immigrant who had not applied for residency as he murdered the abusive ex-husband of his now deceased wife (mother to his daughters) in his home country of Mexico. His residency status, however, depends on responding to romantic tactics from his caseworker, Constance Grady, which would be thwarted after learning that Constance was fired for being too involved in her clients. After a effort to obtain a visa was denied, Ignacio was told to stay in Mexico, unaware that he is currently the target of a revenge plot 30 years after he murdered the banker, now that he has returned to his home country. All this puts the Suarez family in a legal bind as they also deal with Betty's older sister Hilda being unemployed after the health supplement company she represented is placed under investigation by the government. Hilda would later find a new talent in cosmetology. Hilda and her pre-teen son Justin, whose interests has sparked questions about his sexual orientation, slowly let his father Santos, a gambler who runs into trouble with loan sharks, work his way back into their lives as he attempts to understand his son, which would result in Santos asking Hilda to marry him; Hilda said yes. Unfortunately, the wedding plans would take a tragic turn when he is shot and presumably killed trying to foil an armed robbery. In-between these events, Betty also finds herself dealing with a pair of romantic situations. Her long time boyfriend Walter cheated on her with next door neighbor Gina Gambarro. Betty reluctantly took him back but realized that she had lost her attraction to him and they ultimately parted ways. After the split Betty thought that she had found a soul mate in Henry Grubstick, an accountant at Meade Publications. However, Henry's on-again/off-again flame Charlie shows up, prompting Betty to hold off on her pursuit of Henry. But the friction between Henry and Charlie, whose relationship was on the rocks, would heat up as Charlie became jealous of Betty and told her to back off. After seeing a vision in Mexico that she thought was Henry, Betty would discover that he might be the right person for her, and when she returned she told him that she wants to be with him, and he agreed; Henry and Charlie had broken up, resulting in the two becoming a couple. Unfortunately, Charlie would show up on their first date at Betty's home to say that she was pregnant, thus crushing Betty's dreams. But Betty would later learn that Charlie had been cheating with Betty's dentist, Dr. Gabe Farkas, after Betty introduced him to Charlie at her birthday party, and as Henry and Charlie prepare to go back to Arizona, it is unclear as to whether Henry or Gabe is the actual father of Charlie's unborn child. The upcoming season of Ugly Betty will shortly be here. [edit] Cast Ugly Betty Cast in latest promo image after Episode # 14; from left to right: Urie, Newton, Williams, Indelicato, Ortiz, Ferrera, Plana, Mabius, Jensen, and Dale (Romijn, Sussman, Gorham and Light not pictured) [edit] Core regulars Actor Role America Ferrera Betty Suarez Eric Mabius Daniel Meade Alan Dale Bradford Meade Vanessa L. Williams Wilhelmina Slater Becki Newton Amanda Tanen 5 Ana Ortiz Hilda Suarez Ashley Jensen Christina McKinney Tony Plana Ignacio Suarez Michael Urie Marc St. James 1 Mark Indelicato Justin Suarez Kevin Sussman Walter 6 Christopher Gorham Henry Grubstick 3 Rebecca Romijn Alexis Meade 4 Judith Light Claire Meade 3 [edit] Recurring Actor Role Ava Gaudet Gina Gambarro 2 Salma Hayek Sofia Reyes Kevin Alejandro Santos 2 Jowharah Jones Nico Slater 2 Octavia Spencer Constance Grady 2 Gina Gershon Fabia 2 Jayma Mays Charlie 2 Bailey Chase Beckett 'Becks' Scott 2 Max Greenfield Nick Pepper 2 Notes Note 1: - Listed as "Guest Starring" in opening credits, but became a full time regular after episode "Sofia's Choice" Note 2: - Became recurring after their second appearance. Note 3: - Gorham and Light became recurring in the first season; They will become fulltime regulars in the second season. Note 4: - Alexis Meade was initially played by Elizabeth Penn Payne (when she was listed in the credits as "The Masked Lady"). Rebecca Romijn took over the role in In or Out. Note 5: - Newton also plays another character, Ruthie.[2] Note 6: - Listed as "Guest Starring" in opening credits, but became a full time regular after episode "Sofia's Choice"; Still listed in credits as a regular but has not been seen since "Brothers" [edit] Production timeline NBC was planning to adapt Betty in 2001 as a half-hour comedy,[3] but it never made past the planning stages until ABC and Hayek's company came on board in 2004 and retooled it as an hour-long dramedy.[4] On May 16, 2006, ABC announced that Ugly Betty would be part of the 2006–2007 North American season lineup as a weekly hour-long series; the initial order was for thirteen episodes. ABC had announced the title of the series would be Betty the Ugly, a change from its developmental title, but changed it back to Ugly Betty on July 14,[5], although the Ugly Betty title was already being used in promotions prior to this date on Citytv. There were speculation that the show would be a daily serial that would have debuted as a summer 2006 or midseason 2007 entry, but given the buzz and growing interest in the show, the network decided to make it a weekly series instead. On August 8, 2006, ABC decided at the last minute, a schedule change to move "Ugly Betty" from its previously announced Friday 8 p.m. (ET) time period to Thursday at 8 p.m. replacing sitcoms Notes from the Underbelly and Big Day as a lead-in to top-rated program Grey's Anatomy, due to the growing interest in the show. The program's pilot was tested on several cable providers to gauge interest and feedback from viewers, most notably the Hispanic community, including those who are fans of the original Betty, who hoped that ABC will maintain the integrity of the original. ABC has also allowed its affiliates to show free off-air screenings to the public at various events ahead of the show's debut. In addition the network screened the debut episode on the web and made the episodes available for download on iTunes after their initial airings on January 5, 2007. The encore episodes have also run on ABC Family and SoapNet, both of which have been airing marathons of the show. On October 13, 2006, ABC ordered a full season pick-up for the series, beyond the original 13 ordered at the May Upfronts[6] due to its premiere ratings. Ugly Betty won two Golden Globe Awards on January 15, 2007, for "Best Leading Actress in a Comedy Series" (America Ferrera) and Best Comedy Series. Ferrera also won a SAG Award on January 28, 2007 for "Best Actress in a Comedy Series". ABC originally announced 22 episodes for the season 1, but increased the number of episodes to 23 by one. The season finale is the episode called "East Side Story." On March 21, 2007 ABC renewed the series for a second season.[7] On June 4, 2007 the series was be honored with a Peabody Award for its storylines, which explores clashing concepts of beauty, class, race and footwear with intelligence, warmth and wit.[8] Although he is joining NBC as their new entertainment head, Ben Silverman will remain co-executive producer on the show, but in a limited role.[9] [edit] Broadcasts outside the United States Country TV Network(s) Series Premiere Weekly Schedule Notes Latest Episode United States ABC September 28, 2006 Thursdays 8:00pm ET In Guam, KTGM airs the show on Fridays at 7:00pm and Sundays at 4:00pm. It is the only ABC affiliate that airs the show twice. Slogan: "Ugly is the new Beautiful" East Side Story (episode 23, Season one finale) United States Military-Overseas AFN-Spectrum February 7, 2007 Wednesdays 9:00pm & 3:00am Petra-Gate (episode 20) Canada Citytv September 28, 2006 Thursdays 8:00pm ET Slogan: "Style-challenged girl meets high-fashioned world" East Side Story (episode 23, Season one finale) United Kingdom Channel 4 (First Run) 5 January 2007[10] Fridays 9:00pm, Sundays at 3:55pm (Repeat) GMT The premiere on Channel 4 on January 5, 2007 attracted 4.5 million viewers.[11] Two weeks later, Ugly Betty hit a new high, with 5 million viewers watching the third episode.[12] The figures and shares were very much similar each week, flirting around 2-3 million viewers with 10-15% share. Disappointingly, the finale rated less than the premiere episode, attracting 3.1 million viewers with 15% share.[13] Yet still, it managed to perform reasonably well, when pending on Channel 4's standard and expectations with viewing figures. Slogan: "Fashion has a new face" East Side Story (episode 23, Season one finale) S4C (Wales Only) Fridays 10 or 11pm (varies)[10] 4oD 5 January 2007 Using Channel 4's on demand service, people could pay £0.99 to rent the episode of their choice at any time, for 24 hours. E4 10 January 2007 Wednesdays 9pm (Next Episode)[10] GMT East Side Story (episode 23, Season one finale) Ireland RTÉ Two 1 January 2007 Mondays 7:00pm GMT First two episodes together East Side Story(episode 23 season finale) 2007-02-01 Thursdays 8:00pm Moved, and caused two episodes to be shown in the week it moved. Sweden Kanal 5 7 November 2006 Tuesdays 8:00pm CET Petra-Gate (episode 20). Fiji Fiji One 9 November 2006 Thursdays 9:05pm Icing on the Cake (episode 17). Italy Italia 1 May 18, 2007 Fridays at 9pm (2 episodes per night) - from June 13, 2007 it will air on Wednesdays The episode Swag (episode 11) was shown as the fourth episode as it was originally planned by ABC. Obviously the episode was edited, not showing the part in which Betty remembers all the things that happened regarding her handbag Sofia's Choice (episode 12) Norway TVNorge 3 January 2007 Wednesdays 8:45pm East Side Story (episode 23). New Zealand TV2 January 16, 2007 Tuesdays 8:30pm - Joined Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives as TV2's highest-rated overseas shows, went on 2 month hiatus to air Day Break but returned in June to even higher ratings. Slogan: Ugly is the new beautiful, True Beauty Tuesdays I'm Coming Out (episode 14) Saudi Arabia and Arab World Showtime Arabia January 22, 2007 Mondays at 9:00 PM Shown with subtitles Don't Ask, Don't Tell (episode 18). South Korea KBS February 3, 2007 (??? ??, List of Ugly Betty Korea voice actors) Petra-Gate (episode 20). CJ Media Channel CGV 2007 TBA Malaysia 8TV February 6, 2007 Tuesdays 9.30pm GMT Repeat: Saturday, 12.30pm In Malay subtitles Don't Ask, Don't Tell (episode 18). Star World June 2007 Australia Channel Seven[14] February 18, 2007 Sundays 7:30pm Debut episode pulled in 2.03 million viewers, beating Nine's airing of 60 Minutes and Ten's airing of The Biggest Loser in the same time period. Since its debut the series has remained in the top 5 in the Australian TV ratings.[15]. However, the episode Swag aired as the eleventh episode without the flashbacks, thus disrupting the continuity since it followed the same pattern as the American scheduling. Slogan: "The new face of Ugly" and "Beautiful Sunday" Icing on the Cake (episode 17). Israel Israel 10 March 2, 2007 Saturdays 10:15pm Hebrew title: "???" ("Betty") Icing on the Cake (episode 17). Hungary RTL March 17, 2007 Saturday 7:30pm Hungarian title is: "Címlapsztori" as: Coverstory. Also airs 'El amor no es como lo pintan' (Másnak tuno szerelem, Zone Romantica); Yo soy Betty, la fea (Betty, a csúnya lány, TV2); Verliebt in Berlin (Lisa csak egy van, TV2) and La fea más bella (Lety, a csúnya lány, Viasat3) Fake Plastic Snow (episode 10). Singapore Channel 5 March 5, 2007 Sundays 10:30pm/10:00pm Censored version. Was originally scheduled to debut in February 2007 and used the promo 'Be Ugly in 2007' Icing on the Cake (episode 17). Star World June 2007 Hong Kong TVB Pearl March 15, 2007 Thursdays 10:35pm Chinese title: "?"Betty ("Pretty" Betty) Episode 15 kept the working title Brothers & Friends Brothers & Friends (episode 15). Star World August 29, 2007 Wednesdays 8:00pm Romania Acasa TV March 4, 2007 Sundays 8:30pm Romanian title: "Betty cea urâta din New York" ("Betty the Ugly In New York"); Also airs "Betty la fea" with subtitles Fake Plastic Snow (episode 10). Finland Nelonen April 23, 2007 Monday 8:00pm Finnish title: "Ruma Betty" Lose the Boss (episode 9). Denmark TV2 May 2007 The episode Swag (episode 11) was shown as the fourth episode as it was originally planned by ABC. Obviously the episode was edited, not showing the part in which Betty remembers all the things that happened regarding her handbag Trust, Lust, and Must (episode 8) Poland FOX Life May 2007 Also airs Yo soy Betty, la fea (polish title: Brzydula) but on TVN station TV. Derailed (episode 16)) France TF1 2007 Also airs Le destin de Lisa Germany Sat. 1 April 27, 2007[16] Fridays 8:15pm German title: "Alles Betty!" Also airs Verliebt in Berlin Ugly Betty was cancelled after two episodes due to low ratings. The Box and the Bunny (episode 2) Mexico Disney Channel June 2007 Thursdays 10:00 pm South Africa M-Net September 2007[17] Portugal SIC April 7, 2007 Saturdays 3:00 pm Portuguese title: "Betty Feia" ("Ugly Betty"). Shown with subtitles. Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral (episode 8). Chile Canal 13 2007 Spain Cuatro TV Also airs Yo Soy Betty la Fea Greece Mega Channel Also airs Maria i Ashimi (Ugly Mary). Alpha TV airs I ashimi pu egine omorfi (La fea más bella). Bahrain Star World June 2007 Mondays India Star World July 4, 2007 9:00pm, Wednesdays Indonesia Mondays Kuwait Mondays Maldives Mondays Oman Mondays Pakistan Mondays Philippines Mondays Studio 23 April 8, 2007 Sundays 9:15pm Studio 23 also airs Betty la fea The episode Swag (episode 11) was shown as the fourth episode as it was originally planned by ABC. Obviously the episode was edited, not showing the part in which Betty remembers all the things that happened regarding her handbag Fake Plastic Snow (episode 10). Qatar Star World August 28, 2007 Wednesdays Sri Lanka Wednesdays Taiwan Wednesdays Thailand Wednesdays 7:00pm United Arab Emirates Wednesdays [edit] Competition with other "Betty" offshoots Although Buena Vista Television has sold the series to foreign territories, the English-language version is expected to compete with the in-house versions in several of the locations.[18] As noted by the international broadcast table posted above, several of these broadcasters have not only acquired this version, but the counterparts as well, including those that were produced by the broadcasters themselves. So far the series has been sold to TV networks and broadcasters in over 130 countries, making this version the most successful of the "Betty La Fea" franchise [19] In the U.S., Univision currently airs the Mexican counterpart La fea más bella, which airs weeknights at 8PM (E/P), including Thursdays during the same time Ugly Betty airs. The star of the Mexican version, Angelica Vale, was supposed to make a cameo in the 22nd episode, playing Betty's "counterpart" from the series, Leticia 'Lety' Padilla Solís [20], but the story turned out to be false. Vale appeared in the season finale playing Angelica, an orthodontist's assistant who looks exactly like Lety (pre-makeover). [edit] DVD Releases [edit] Region 1 Cover Art DVD Name Ep # Release Date Additional Information The Complete First Season - The Bettyfied Edition 23 August 21, 2007 This six disc box set contains all 23 episodes from the first season. Special features include an exhibit of the "Best and Worst Fashions of Season One", a discussion with the cast on the show's origins, a behind-the-scenes documentary with the production, costume, and set designers, as well as English and Spanish audio tracks. [edit] Ratings In the following summary, "Rating" is the estimated percentage of all televisions tuned to the show, and "Share" is the percentage of all televisions in use that are tuned in. "Viewers" is the estimated number of actual people watching, in millions, while "ranking" is the approximate ranking of the show against all prime-time TV shows for the week (Sunday to Saturday). [edit] Seasonal USA TV Ratings Based on average total viewers per episode of Ugly Betty on ABC: Season Timeslot (EDT) Season Premiere Season Finale TV Season Rank Viewers (in millions) 18-49 (Rank)[21] 1 Thursday 8:00 P.M. September 28, 2006 May 17, 2007 2006-2007 #22 11.3 3.7/10 (#35)[22] [edit] Weekly Episode # Title Air Date Rating[23] Share[24] 18-49[25] Viewers Rank[26] 1 "Pilot (aka I Am Not Going To Sell Herbalux)" September 28, 2006 10.7 17 6.5 16.09 #9 2 "The Box and the Bunny" October 5, 2006 9.5 15 4.9 14.20 #18 3 "Queens for a Day" October 12, 2006 9.3 15 4.4 13.80 #21 4 "Fey's Sleigh Ride" October 19, 2006 8.9 14 4.3 13.07 #21 5 "The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe" October 26, 2006 8.9 14 4.3 13.15 #21 6 "Trust, Lust, and Must" November 2, 2006 9.3 14 4.4 13.72 #22 7 "After Hours" November 9, 2006 8.6 13 4.1 12.87 #27 8 "Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral" November 16, 2006 8.9 14 3.9 12.96 #23 9 "Lose the Boss" November 23, 2006 5.3 11 2.9 8.73 #48 10 "Fake Plastic Snow" November 30, 2006 9.0 14 4.3 13.33 #21 11 "Swag" January 4, 2007 7.8 12 3.9 11.64 #18 12 "Sofia's Choice" January 11, 2007 10.4 16 4.4 13.48 #12 13 "In or Out" January 18, 2007 9.5 15 4.5 14.10 #13 14 "I'm Coming Out" February 1, 2007 9.3 14 4.8 14.27 #11 15 "Brothers" February 8, 2007 9.1 14 4.7 14.30 #20 16 "Derailed" February 15, 2007 9.1 14 4.5 13.70 #17 17 "Icing on the Cake" March 15, 2007 7.4 12 3.5 10.80 #19 18 "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" March 22, 2007 7.4 13 3.2 10.50 #18 19 "Punch Out" April 19, 2007 6.7 12 3.0 9.5 #25 20 "Petra-Gate" April 26, 2007 6.8 12 3.1 9.62 #29 21 Secretaries' Day May 3, 2007 7.1 12 3.6 10.7 #22 22 A Tree Grows in Guadalajara May 10, 2007 6.6 12 2.9 9.6 #23 23 "East Side Story" Season Finale May 17, 2007 7.1 13 3.5 10.39 #22 [edit] In popular culture Ever since the show's debut, the main characters, especially the title character, have quickly become the latest fixures in the lexicon of pop media culture, and already they found their way onto parodies, news media stories and art-imitating-life situations, as well as recognition from the United State Congress itself. [edit] Television parodies and referrences In the October 7, 2006, episode of "Saturday Night Live," cast member Fred Armisen spoofed the character of Betty by playing a look-alike named Fugly Betsy. Not to be outdone, an 2007 episode of MADtv has Ellen Degeneres (played by Nicole Parker) interviewing an actress on her talk show who plays Ugly Betty with Salma Hayek (played by LisaNova) always pointing out how ugly she is. The Ugly Betty actress (played by Crista Flanagan) claims it is only make up and costume but is ignored. On April 22, 2007, the 2007 TV Land Awards parodied the series with a spoof aptly titled Ugly Betty White, with White playing Betty Suarez, Charo playing Hilda, Erik Estrada playing Ignacio, Joan Collins playing Wilhelmina, Peter Scolari playing Alexis, and George Hamilton playing Daniel.[27] Even the cast poked fun at their alter egos. On October 30, 2006 three of the series' cast members, appearing in their characters (Ferrera as Betty, Mabius as Daniel, and Newton as Amanda) gave New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick a 'makeover' to make him look more like quarterback Tom Brady in a spoof that was featured on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown.[28] It was also referenced in other shows, most notably in "Up All Night", the February 8, 2007 installment of the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, in which Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) says "this would've worked on Ugly Betty" when she fails to crawl out a door without being seen. The scene was patterned after the Ugly Betty episode "Swag" in which Betty crawled through a fashion show. [edit] Its success overseas The buildup to "Bettymania" also began to take shape overseas, especially in the United Kingdom. On December 6, 2006, Channel 4 began to advertise the show. The ad shows seemingly attractive models gathered around a pool, but as the camera angle changes a model comes out of the pool wearing Betty's glasses, then as the models smile, they are all wearing Betty's braces. Another ad parodies Marks and Spencer's successful fashion advertising campaign, as well as Dove and Gap campaigns. A voice over then says, "Fashion has a new face. 'Ugly Betty' Coming Soon To 4." After a week of these teasers, clips from the actual programme were included in the trailers. In mid-January, in the UK, Celebrity Big Brother's, Davina McCall dressed up as Betty live on Channel 4 before the titles of the second eviction show of the evening. Interestingly on February 16, 2007, Ashley Jensen (Christina) also dressed up as Betty during an airing of Channel 4's Friday Night Project, where she was the guest host. The children's channel CBeebies also parodied the title sequence, with one variation mixing faces of regular CBeebies characters until finally settling with Tiny from Little Robots. Australia became smitten with "Bettymania." During the lead up week to the huge Sunday Premiere of Ugly Betty, February 12 to February 17, 2007, Channel Seven devoted a week of Deal or No Deal to the show by having the models dress like Betty, complete with the Guadalajara poncho. Channel Seven also used the series to promote its successful "Beautiful Sundays" schedule. And New Zealand have also hyped-up Ugly Betty by promoting Tuesday nights as "True Beauty Tuesday" and also launching competitions for a replica of Betty's Guadalajara poncho. [edit] Its impact on real-life The show's impact on issues and culture has also attracted the attention of the United States Congress, where on January 17, 2007 California congresswoman Hilda Solis (D-32nd, El Monte) saluted Ferrera on both her Golden Globe win and for bringing a positive profile to the Latin and Hispanic communities.[29] In addition to that recognition, on May 8, 2007, star America Ferrera was honored by Time Magazine on their annual list of the 100 most influential people. The event took place at New York's Lincoln Center and the actress was recognized for defying stereotypes with the show [1]. The success of Ugly Betty and how it deals with body imaging among women in general would inspire a series of reports on Entertainment Tonight, in which reporter Vanessa Minillo went undercover in a fat suit to see if women were discriminated on the basis of how they look. [edit] Reviews Ugly Betty Reviews at Metacritic.com first-look in USA Today (August 15, 2006) Review in USA Today (September 28, 2006) Comparisons between Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada in USA Today (September 26, 2006) "It's a 'Bettification' project" from USA Today (October 4, 2006) from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (September 27, 2006) from The Los Angeles Times (September 27, 2006) from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (September 27, 2006) from Seattle Post-Intelligencer (September 28, 2006) from Canoe.ca (September 28, 2006) "Ugly, The American" from Time (November 27, 2006) From North Jersey.com (December 15, 2006) "Be Ugly '07" campaign announced in USA Today (December 20, 2006) [edit] See also List of Ugly Betty cast members List of Ugly Betty episodes [edit] References ^ "Yo soy Betty, la fea" (1999) ^ from TV Guide (2007-01-17) ^ The Futon Critic ^ The Futon Critic ^ The Futon Critic, July 14, 2006 ^ From ABC medianet, October 13, 2006 ^ From The Futon Critic (2007-03-21) ^ From The Futon Critic (2007-04-04) ^ From AHN (June 5, 2007) ^ a b c Digiguide, January 5, 2007 ^ The Guardian, January 8, 2007 ^ The Guardian, January 22, 2007 ^ The Guardian, June 11, 2007 ^ From ebroadcast October 17, 2006 ^ From ebroadcast.com (2007-02-19 ^ http://www.quotenmeter.de/index.php?newsid=19142 ^ From IAfrica.com (2007-01-22) ^ Variety, October 9, 2006 ^ From World Screen.com (2007-05-21) ^ From "People en Espanol" (April 17, 2007) ^ TV Ratings ... on BroadcastingCable. ^ "Hollywood Reporter: 2006-07 primetime wrap", May 25, 2007. ^ TV Ratings ... on Zap2it. ^ TVWeek.com. ^ TV Ratings ... on BroadcastingCable. ^ Week of December 11th-17th/2006 complete ratings. ^ From www.towerload.com April 2007 ^ The Futon Critic, October 27, 2006 ^ http://solis.house.gov (2007-01-17) [edit] External links Wikiquote has a collection of quotations related to: Ugly BettyBettysuarez.com Betty's "personal site" Ugly Betty at the Internet Movie Database Ugly Betty at TV.com Bettyalamode.com Ugly Betty Fansite Ugly Betty Italia The first italian site about Ugly Betty This box: view • talk • editUgly Betty Suarez family Betty • Hilda • Ignacio • Justin Meade family Bradford Meade • Claire Meade • Daniel Meade • Alexis Meade MODE Magazine and Meade Publications Henry Grubstick • Christina McKinney • Nick Pepper • Marc St. James Wilhelmina Slater • Fey Sommers • Amanda Tanen Recurring characters Charlie • Grace Chin • Fabia • Gina Gambarro • Steve • Constance Grady • Sofia Reyes • Santos • Beckett 'Becks' Scott • Nico Slater • Walter Plotline Season 1 • Season 2 (2007-2008; TBA) Related content Yo soy Betty, la fea • Awards • Be Ugly • Cast • Characters • Crew • Episodes • Vidas de Fuego (Lives of Fire) • Minor characters • Muchas Muchachas • Official Website Ugly Betty, Season One v • d • e "Pilot" • "The Box and the Bunny" • "Queens for a Day" • "Fey's Sleigh Ride" • "The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe" • "Trust, Lust, and Must" • "After Hours" • "Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral" • "Lose the Boss" • "Fake Plastic Snow" • "Swag" • "Sofia's Choice" • "In or Out" • "I'm Coming Out" • "Brothers" • "Derailed" • "Icing on the Cake" • "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" • "Punch Out" • "Petra-Gate" • "Secretaries' Day" • "A Tree Grows in Guadalajara" • "East Side Story" Series based on Yo soy Betty la fea[hide] Template:Season 2 Returning In August/September 2007 Yo soy Betty la fea (1999, RCN, Colombia): Ana Maria Orozco, Jorge Enrique Abello, Julián Arango, Ricardo Vélez, Celmira Luzardo El amor no es como lo pintan (2000, TV Azteca, Mexico): Vanessa Acosta, Héctor Soberón, Arturo Beristáin Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin (2003, SET, India): Mona Singh, Navneet Nishan, Samir Soni, Neena Gupta, Parmeet Sethi, Gaurav Gera Esti Ha'mechoeret (2003, SET, Israel): Riki Blich, Avi Grainik Verliebt In Berlin (2005, Sat.1, Germany): Alexandra Neldel Ne rodis' krasivoy (2005, STS, Russia): Nelly Uvarova La fea más bella (2006, Televisa, Mexico): Angelica Vale, Nora Salinas, Juan Soler, Jaime Camil, Elizabeth Álvarez Lotte (2006, Talpa, Netherlands): Nyncke Beekhuyzen, Lars Oostveen, Ilse Heus, Geert Hoes, Arent Jan Linde Yo soy Bea (2006, Telecinco, Spain): Ruth Núñez ?a??a ? ?s??µ? (2007, Mega Channel, Greece) Ugly Betty (2006, ABC, United States): America Ferrera, Eric Mabius, Alan Dale, Tony Plana, Vanessa Williams, Michael Urie, Becki Newton Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ugly_Betty" Categories: Ugly Betty | 2006 television program debuts | 2000s American television series | American Broadcasting Company network shows | Citytv network shows | Comedy-drama television series | Television series by Buena Vista Television | Television shows set in New York | Reveille Productions | Best Musical or Comedy Series Golden Globe | Best Musical or Comedy Actress Golden Globe (television) | Peabody Award winners

TRADUZIONE Ugly Betty Ugly Betty Serie TV Titolo originale: Ugly Betty Paese: Stati Uniti Anno: 2006 - ... Genere: Commedia Stagioni: 1 (2 in produzione) Episodi/puntate: 23+ Durata: 45' Colore: Colore Audio: Stereo Creatore: Selma Hayek Regia: Soggetto: Sceneggiatura: Produzione: Reveille Productions, Ventanarosa Productions & Touchstone Television Attori: America Ferrera: Betty Suarez Eric Mabius: Daniel Meade Alan Dale: Bradford Meade Tony Plana: Ignacio Suarez Ana Ortiz: Hilda Suarez Ashley Jensen: Christina McKinney Becki Newton: Amanda Tanner Mark Indelicato: Justin Suarez Vanessa Williams: Wilhelmina Slater Kevin Sussman: Walter Rebecca Romijn: Alexis Meade Michael Urie: Marc St. James Elizabeth Payne: La Donna Mascherata Stelio Savante: Steve Voci: Doppiatori italiani: Betty Suarez - Letizia scifoni Daniel Meade - Niseem Onorato Bradford Meade - Rodolfo Bianchi Ignacio Suarez - Ennio Coltorti Hilda Suarez - Ilaria Latini Christina McKinney - Barbara De Bortoli Amanda Tanner - Francesca Fiorentini Justin Suarez - Manuel Meli Wilhelmina Slater - Roberta Greganti Marc St. James - Luigi Morville Walter - Francesco Venditti La Donna Mascherata - Barbara Castracane Steve - Stefano Benassi Fotografia: Montaggio: Musiche: Scenografia: Costumi: Prima TV Stati Uniti data: {{{data-trasmissioneoriginale-filmtv}}} rete: {{{reteoriginale-filmtv}}} Prima TV Italia (free TV) data: {{{data-trasmissioneitalia-filmtv}}} rete: {{{reteitalia-filmtv}}} Prima TV Italia (pay TV) data: {{{data-trasmissioneitaliapay-filmtv}}} rete: {{{reteitaliapay-filmtv}}} Prima TV Stati Uniti periodo: dal 28 settembre 2006 al (in corso) rete: ABC Prima TV Italia (free TV) periodo: dal 18 maggio 2007 al (in corso) rete: Italia 1 Prima TV Italia (pay TV) periodo: dal al rete: Premi: Golden Globe 2007 (Miglior Serie Comica) Si invita a seguire lo schema del Progetto fiction TV Ugly Betty è una situation comedy americana che va in onda dal 28 settembre 2006 sul network americano ABC. In Italia arriverà a breve nel palinsesto di Italia Uno, nonostante generalmente le serie tv americane arrivano come minimo dopo la produzione della la stagione successiva. La serie è ispirata alla telenovela colombiana Betty la...cozza andata in onda su Happy Channel dal 5 luglio 2004 al 24 febbraio 2005. Il nuovo telefilm è divenuto molto popolare negli Stati Uniti, al pari di altre serie di successo come Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters e La vita secondo Jim[citazione necessaria]. [modifica] Trama Attenzione: di seguito viene rivelata, del tutto o in parte, la trama dell'opera. Ugly Betty è incentrata sulla difficile vita quotidiana di Betty Suarez, una giovane ragazza di origini latino-americane che vive nel Queens con la sua famiglia composta dal padre Ignacio, dalla sorella Hilda e dal figlio di Hilda, Justin. Nonostante il suo aspetto non attraente e femminile, riesce a farsi strada nel mondo della moda diventando l'assistente personale dell'editore capo di MODE (il magazine della moda per eccellenza), Daniel Meade, ma non è stata scelta per le sue qualità lavorative. Bradford Meade, magnate dell'editoria e padre di Daniel, infatti, ha scelto personalmente Betty come assistente del figlio per evitare che Daniel (famoso per essere un donnaiolo) se la porti a letto. Betty non avrà vita facile al MODE e scoprirà subito che nel mondo della moda l’apparenza è tutto, avrà difficoltà a fare nuove amicizie sul lavoro visto che i suoi colleghi cercheranno di sabotarla e umiliarla per farla andare via in tutti i modi. Ma nonostante ciò si fa coraggio e cerca di fare al meglio i suoi doveri. Una serie comica ma con un lato noir, per via del terribile segreto nascosto da Bradford Meade che verrà svelato nel corso della serie. Fine della trama. [modifica] Episodi Stagione Episodi Prima TV originale Prima TV Italia Prima stagione 22 2006 – 2007 2007 Seconda stagione 22 2007 – 2008 Inedita all'interno del sito.Immancabile un'area dedicata a Ugly betty LOST il telefilm è girato in America.

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